New Role - Sharepoint Solutions Architect

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Hi everyone!,

I'm wondering if this wonderful community could help me as I join the world of Sharepoint!

I am self taught on Sharepoint and have used it for around 2 years now, so I'd say my knowledge is great as a user and administrator including power apps and power automate. I've been involved in a number of projects but as a side job to my full time employment, meaning I've not done this as a career yet.

I have recently been successful in a new role in our business as a solutions architect focusing on sharepoint. I want to make sure I am successful in this role and wondering if anyone in a similar position has any pointers, knowledge, courses and skills I may need to learn about to give me the best start possible. For example what are the most common problems users face, what questions come up most etc.

Look forward to hearing back, thank you so much.

Alex Read
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