New Managed Metadata Term Store Issue

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I have a strange issue when creating a new MMD service.

Currently the default Managed MetaData Service exists along with 2 custom Managed MetaData Services associated with different web applications. If I click either of those I get to the term store management tool specific to those services.

I made another service application to associate with a different web application. When I click on my new MMD service central admin takes me to the default Managed MetaData Service term store management tool.  In the available service applications drop down on that page I see the default application along with the first 2 I previously created, but don't see my new service I created.


I associated it with the new web application and can see it in my site, but have no way to add terms in central admin because I can't get to the term store management tool. 


I've tried deleting and recreating multiple times, an IIS reset, restarting the managed metadata service. Nothing seems to work?? any recommendations?

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For anyone experiencing the same issue. I resolved it by going to application management > manage web applications. Select the central admin site and select service connections. Select the checkbox next to the new service applications and ok. After that my new MMD services are available when i select them!