New 'library dropdown' feature is showing libraries to external users who don't have access

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Related to the recently released Feature ID: 81990.


The screenshot below shows an external user who was given permission only to a single library on a site (library name: RICP 05, which has site inheritance broken).  But when they click the library dropdown, it shows the name of any library on the site that is inheriting permissions from the site (even though this external user was not given access at the site level).  If they click on one of these libraries it appears empty since they don't have access, but they shouldn't be seeing these libraries in the dropdown or be able to navigate to them.


I can't find any documentation on this new feature or whether it's possible to disable it on a site or library level, via the UI or PowerShell.  A workaround would be to break inheritance on every other library the external user shouldn't have access to (which does appear to hide the library from them) but that creates a maintenance problem since there are dozens of libraries on this site and most of them are intended to inherit from the site and be managed at the site level.





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In addition to this, the dropdown also shows document libraries that I have specifically marked as hidden. They do not show in the Site Contents page, but the do in the drop down.
I believe this "Switch to other libraries on this site" button is new list experience deployed by MS.
unfortunately there are no documentation release by MS on how to disable this button yet. So for now i guess customising the library permission may get rid of it.

Hope this helps. :)
@hunk0227 can you please elaborate on how this might be accomplished? I am new to site admin and my boss wants this library dropdown gone yesterday! Thanks!

Hello @jenbaier81 


As mentioned, there is no documentation from MS currently to guide us how to remove this button.

So, let's live like this for now until MS release an updates to resolve it. 

What i meant in Customising library list experience will bring you back from previous UI. see image.



In additional, I suggest to raise a case to Microsoft  to let them know of this situation.


Hope this helps :)



@jenbaier81 @Aaron Wilson @PaulL 

It seems there are multiple issues related to this newly released feature. So, I would recommend you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft & inform them about these issues. So that they can work on solving these issues OR they should provide a way to temporarily disable this feature.


Follow this link to raise the support ticket: Get Support - Online Support 

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Hi, what is the next best option to submitting a ticket? We just moved libraries into the modern experience for all, so cannot revert (would be a giant pain point) so the suggestion to revert to classic is a no go for me. I do not have the ability to raise tickets, I am more of a site owner role, not tenet admin. I am seeing a lot of complaints about features being rolled out with no way to disable them, and due to lack of understanding, I get blamed for a lot of these. ;)