New Item -> Error: File not found

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Hello community


Some user message tho follow error to me if they add a item to a SharePoint custom list:


2019-11-25 14_30_08-Window.png


This error is showing after the user trys to save tho new item.

I can reproduce the error if I create a item as soon as the "+ New" button is showing.

When I wait until the list is loaded fully, the error won't displayed.


I claim that the error appears because not all values are loaded in the selection field yet. Can someone confirme the behaviour?


Details about the list: 

- 1125 entries

- 21 columns

- 5 choice types

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Hello @simuuh,


I experienced the same issue last month. The error went away - some switched browser and some did nothing more than clear their browser cache.


I worked with Microsoft support on the issue and they did nothing on their end to address the issue.


I hope this helps.



Thank you @Norman Young for the replay. Your theme was not suggested to me :D


In this case I will not pursue the issue further.