New item form showing up in classic experience

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I have a SharePoint Online list in modern experience with 7 content types. I customized the new forms for each content type with JSON. Everything works perfectly when I am in the list and click New and choose my content type from the dropdown. However, I want to create a page for others to interact with this list and I want to create buttons for each content type that will open the new form for that content type. When I copy the link from the form to create the button, it opens the form in the classic experience and all my customizations are gone. I am using the method "Copy Link" inside the new modern form (see screenshot). Any insights on this would be very helpful, thanks!

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I cannot replicate this behavior. When I copied the link to my updated JSON form and added it as a 'Call to action' button on an SP page, it opened the form as it should in updated JSON format. It may be a browser issue. Also verify all the parameters in your URL to make sure you are not missing anything.
What happens when you copy link to form and paste it in a new browser tab?
When I copy the link and paste it directly into a new browser tab it opens in classic. Tried several browsers with the same result. Did your test include content types? I have other lists that do not have content types and they work fine.

@Sarah_Morse, I turned off versioning and worked for me. Just ran into this on SP 2019 on prem at the time of this post.