New Item Column Validation Formula not working in modern list

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I have a simple formula to check length of columns in a list. The formula looks like this:



This formula is entered on each target column. This seems to work fine when in edit mode - by displaying the validation message when violated. But when creating new item, if the validation is violated, you will see the validation message appear briefly, but the page is re-loaded back to the list items. The new item is not created though, but interrupt the user experience, and user will have to fill the form again.


This issue exist when in modern experience. If i switch to classic experience, then everything works as expected. 


There is an option to use the Validation Settings in the list settings page, which works as expected when creating new item in modern UI, but you can only add one validation rule in this section.


Is this a known issue, if so are there plans to correct this in near future?



Many thanks

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We are experiencing exactly the same. Michael, did you manage to solve this? Did you report this to Microsoft?

@Michael Kuforiji 

Coming on June 15th 2020, still searching about this problem:)

Don't know if the column validation would ever work. MICROSOFT!

The validations seem to work on lists that I had created in the past, but does not work when I create a new list or a new column on an existing list!!! Any advice?