New Communication Site > Exception Access Denied [SOLVED]

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I'm trying to create a new Communication Site in my tenant.

I see option for create this site, I compiled fields and it says is ok to proceed.


But, when I click on finish, browser sent message to exit or remain in page and in every case, it broke page with "Unable to reach https://_layouts page"


I searched for call in F12 and found this:

POST to https://[tenant]


code > -2147024891, System.UnauthorizedAccessException
message >Access Denied, etc etc


My account is tenant administrator.

I've checked licence and it's all ok.


Tryed with all browser (edge, ie11, chrome).


Any Ideas?




EDIT: Solution

The problem was access denied on root site collection of tenant..

Mysteriously, even if I navigate without problems to https://[tenant], call to https://[tenant] was forbidden.

If I navigate to https://[tenant] my account receives access denied.

So, I give Site Collection Administrator rights to my user (with SharePoint Administration) and my new Communication Site is here!



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Time to open a support ticket I guess....I have not seen this problem when creating a Communication Site
Opened.. :)