Network error when using Patch function: The specified column is read-only and can't be modified.

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Hi All,

I've created a custom form to enter and edit data in a SharePoint Online List. 

Creating a new item works perfectly, but if I try to edit an existing item, I get the above error when I try to save, and all my changes are lost. 



I cannot see any "read only" fields (e.g. ID, Modified by, etc.) in the form in PowerApps. 

The "App Checker" in PowerApps does not detect any problems. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Even if it's just to some log files which might tell me which field/column is causing the problem?

Any suggestions appreciated. 



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I managed to solve it myself.

I added the following code to the "on Error" field on the App (Select App from the Tree view on the left, then On Error from the properties on the right.)


         Concat(Errors(ClientList), Column&": "&Message),


It then told me what the offending column was next time the error occurred.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.

This worked for me. It didn't show the error right away in the screen with the issue. I had to go to another screen. Not sure what I did differently, but it did show the error as mentioned. Thank you!
I was receiving the same error and eventually resolved it after a lot of trial and error. It was resolved by removing and re-adding the 3 read-only fields I had on my form.

I would like to be able to get this function to work for future use by it was not allowing me to use it. Could you explain what the various names in this function are? My form is interacting with SharePoint so I may need to do something different.



thanks so much! This works perfectly for me to identify the problematic columns! You are a LEGEND~~