Needing help (workaround) with Lookup Column value showing read-only on SharePoint Mobile

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I am having issues with SharePoint Online Mobile App not showing the value of a Lookup field. Property managers are always out in the field, and they need property addresses to display on their mobile devices. 


I created a Site Column that is a Lookup field to have a master list of properties, to keep one source of "truth", so I only have to make changes to property additions/subtractions in one place, allowing the change to ripple throughout SharePoint. 


The issue that I run into is the mobile app shows "Read Only" for the property address on the mobile app, and doesn't show the actual property address. I do NOT want to have to update a dozen lists each time properties change, so  I am asking for some assistance on how to overcome this challenge. 


I know JSON can achieve this by taking the Lookup value, and applying it to a text field, but I do not know JSON to this point. It is also a little clunky to have to add so many additional fields when the data is already in the custom list, but not showing on the mobile app. 


Does anyone have a workaround for this issue? Thank you in advance! This was my first post on this community thread.


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I'm in a similar situation. I have a series of Sharepoint lists for sport coaches to fill in (match results, incident reports etc...) that reference the list of my Sport Managers (including phone numbers, emails, etc...). So much easier in the App to fill in.
Works fine on Sharepoint lists but not on the Sharepoint App.
Been searching all year. Closest I could find is this but it doesn't make sense to me.

I shall follow this topic.

@Scott_Johnson Thanks for the interest in the post. I should have also stated that I am running Windows 10 on my laptop, and the Lookup Column displays correctly on this machine. It does NOT show the data on the iOS version of the SharePoint mobile app. 


I am finding this to be an unresolved/uncared about issue with SharePoint Lookup Columns, as I have read multiple threads related to this all the way back to 2017. Having to convert these Lookup columns to "Choice" columns creates so many issues. The simple task of adding new list items to a prominent list (this list just happens to be maintenance vendors who check out keys for properties) that is used in many different places in our SharePoint creates the potential to miss the update in certain columns, causing inconsistencies. 


I figured creating a Vendor Contact List to draw from could make this much easier, and every other list in SharePoint could draw from this Contact list via the Lookup column. What I am finding is the "Read Only" or "Null Value" on the mobile app related to Lookup columns not displaying the content makes them practically worthless on the app. The data shows fine in the desktop version, but not in the mobile app on iOS. 


If anyone knows how to rectify this, I would be very grateful... Thanks in advance!


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