Need to use Approval Flow for Hub Site in a different enviroment

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I am currently preparing a governance document on Hub for my client. While doing that I was doing some testing on few aspects of Hub settings.

When you create a Hub in a tenancy , we can configure certain property around it. There is an option to set up an approval flow for the other site collection who likes to associate with a particular Hub. This Flow gets created in a default environment.

My Question is, is it possible to move this Flow to other environment and still use it with the same Hub.

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Currently, it is not possible to configure/select any other Flow Environment and it creates the Flow automatically in the Default Environment.
Product native direct internal connection with Default environment seems to be there between the Flow Panel that opens up in the View Hub Site Settings in SharePoint where we setup the Approval Flow and it doesn't provide option to choose any other environments.

Even though technically you would be able to export and import this Flow from within Power Automate to any other environment, but still you won't be able to attach this Flow which is in other custom environment to your Hub which requires approval Flow.

Hope this helps.

@Swaminathan Sriram 


Do you know if now we can migrate SharePoint approval flows from the default environment to a managed one? This is creating a problem when on user leaves and the flows don't work anymore.