Need to change the date and time format as dd-mmm-yyyy in SharePoint list column

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Hi Folks,

I have got a request related to change the date format as dd-mmm-yyyy (Like 28-Jul-2023) in one particular SharePoint list column. Please bear in mind that there are multiple lists in that SP site, but I need to change the format for just one particular column of one list.

Could you please guide?

I did try to go in List Settings and choose that column, but couldn't find the exact result.



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Hi @RSinha_SAGE,

You can do that by changing (entering) date format with these steps.

1. Go to your SharePoint site and navigate to the list that you want to modify.

2. In the top-right corner, click on the gear icon (:gear:) to open the Settings menu, and then choose "List settings."

3. Scroll down to find the column whose date format you want to change, and click on its name to access its settings.

4. Look for the "Date and Time Format" section. This is where you can change the way dates are displayed in that specific column.

5. Since you want to display the date in the format "28-Jul-2023," select "Date Only" from the dropdown menu. This option ensures that only the date will be shown, without the time.

6. In the "Date & Time Format" box, type or copy-paste the following format: "dd-MMM-yyyy". Make sure "MMM" is in uppercase to represent the abbreviated month name.

Now, when you view the list, the date in the selected column will be displayed in the format you specified, like "28-Jul-2023" (for example). The actual date value stored in SharePoint remains the same, but it will be shown to you and other users in the new format.


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