Need to add the proper balance leave count to the user with USERID

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Currently, I am working with LEAVE SYSTEM for my company. I need to add the balance of the leave with the proper leave ID and user name in the share list.


Can anyone suggest to me any ideas and functions that I need to work on?


My SharePoint list FYI


User detail list - With user details with their ID

Balance leave - total count of the leave type with leave ID
Applied user details - Leave data that are applied by the user



I already developed the Power app, but I need to handle the leave balance with the proper person.


For example, if the person applies for sick leave and is approved by the manager then the leave balance of sick should be deducted and updated with the proper person in the share list.


for this task what are the ideas I can do for my system?

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@Vithushan Try creating a new app with existing Power Apps template. Check the logic given in the app which might help you: 



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