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I have been having a hard time getting my images to render correctly in SharePoint online. Either they are too small in one area or too big and cut off text in another. 

From documentation i have read mentions that its best to have images in an aspect ratio of 16:9 and that depending on the place you are placing the images will determine the best size. 

However if i create a new news post and size the image for the page title then it cuts off text when rendered on a news webpart.

Or if i size it to fit the news webpart then the image is terrible quality on the news page. 

Does anyone have any tips or an easy way to get these images to be a good quality and fit the areas they need to fit. 

In my example image the two news items on the right have there text cut off. The image on the left fits the space but looks terrible on the news page as it is zoomed in due to scaling. 

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Hello @Acidrs 


i can only find this documentation about Image sizing and scaling in SharePoint modern pages


And here are more:


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