need help with CSWP

Ron Buchanan
New Contributor

I am trying to build a page showing documents on a site using CSWP with pre-defined refiners the users click/submit to limit the result set.  I have tried the html forms web part, the search box, and several others.  I can't get past a single refiner.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Ron...a few things to verify in your setup/configuration:


  1. In the search service managed properties have you checked the option to make it refineable?
  2. When you set this property you'll need to do a full crawl so the indexer picks it up.
  3. In the list/library the field is used, make sure it has some data populating it.  Otherwise the indexer won't pick it up.
  4. You can always use the RefinableStringXX managed property and map it to the managed property you're wanting to use.  Again a full crawl is required to pick it up.