Need Help on Best Way to do Automation in SharePoint/Workflow

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Using a list with certificate expiration dates, I would like to have an email sent to the owner of the certificate(who is external to my company), alerting them that they need to get a new certificate.  I would like this email sent 15 days before the certificate expires.  I've played around with the list and with workflow and I can't quite get it to work. 


If the above is not possible, could I run something to send a link to each record in the list that is 15 days from expiring?


I am looking for recommendations.  If any expressions/formulas are needed, I would need them as I can't seem to find the right one to work to kick anything off.  I'm a new user if you can't tell already :smile:.

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Hi @bmat1962, have you tried using Power Automate for automatic emails. Try to use power automate mapped to your list with automatic trigger on daily basis. 


Let me know once you tried and if you have any issues.