Need Help on best solution for centralized project work

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I need a central repository with a clean template for all of my projects in the PMO. Some may need a teams site, some may not. I want to have all my projects to roll up and use the same template. I think a site collection is the way to go. What would you suggest? We are using O365 latest version and have SPO and Team sites already, HOWEVER, nothing is standard and not cleanly managed or with a PMO template I need to set as a standard. 

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Hello @RebeccaTomek 

i prefer to use third-party tools to provisioning templates, teams or only sharepoint. With the tools you can add all projects in a centralized sharepoint list for a better overview and filtering your projects. 


You can find a lot of tools in internet search engines, one we used is 


Regards, Dave

Agreed @David Mehr , unfortunately that is not what would be useful to the org. Preferences aside, possible, doable, manageable with site collection??

Hello @RebeccaTomek ,


ok, it's one of a hand full provisioning tools on the marked. We used this tool for different templates, included approvals, custom structure and settings, lifecycle from start to end, centralized list, permission management...many more.


Good luck and i'm sure, you find a tool for you ;)


Regards, Dave