[Need Help] - How to mirror a list?

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I have a sharepoint list that contains coloumns that are confidential information. At the same time much of the information are something everyone should see.


Is it possible to / how do I, create a mirror of my list that only contains the columns I select (or doesnt select) that I can share with everyone?

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@Irwin1337 in order to synchronise the 2 lists in SharePoint - one for the confidential data and one for the public data - you'll need to build a couple of flows in Power Automate. The first is to handle when new items are created or modified and the second is for when an item is deleted. There is a good page on how to do this at https://tomriha.com/how-to-synchronise-two-sharepoint-lists-with-power-automate/


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Thank you for your reply. After having looked more into it, I might need to create a library instead. Would it be possible to do something similar for that?