Need Clarification on Custom Sites Being Excluded From MS Updates




I tried to Google this question and I'll I got were sales sites for custom SP development.


Years ago I attended a SharePoint meeting at a MS office and learned that customized SPO sites were excluded from MS updates. Is that still the case?


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Hello @razor7tech , this sounds crazy... can specify what you are trying to realize? Maybe your Sites are on an offline server? I have an MS365 Tenant since 2016 and my Team sites and Collab Sites are updating correctly and online since several years...:) Have a good day, Eva


Hello Eva--

My question is specific to customizations. Does MS still exclude custom site parts from their updates?



@razor7tech if you created some customized web parts in classic sharepoint, I recommend the new Modern SharePoint FrameworkX (SPFX), see this: SharePoint Development documentation | Microsoft Docs

Your question is still quite vast... if you can send a screenshot on that customations you did, i can specify my answers.

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The site collection has not been created yet. We are in the process of considering a POC for a new site. When I attended a course at the local Microsoft office a few years ago, a MS employee said they do not patch or otherwise apply SharePoint updates to any custom SP parts. 


If you are not aware of this policy from a few years ago, then I don't want to take any more of your time.


Thank you!

@razor7tech No this is not true. If the sites are Modern Sites, they will indeed receive updates. If you are using classic SharePoint interface - this is no longer being actively developed by Microsoft, so unlikely to have any updates.

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Are you referring to templates? I'm referring to backend customizations where the code has been customized.





@razor7tech Not sure what you mean by "back end customizations" as you can't make any code changes to the backend of SharePoint Online. In any case, your sites will receive updates.