Need assistance with configuring pnp search & search results webpart

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I have downloaded the modern search package from github which includes search box, search results webparts. 

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Hi @Amit_Patel 


What kind of configuration do you need? I can help you out.



I need to be able to search for keyword from the searchbox which can search from search results webpart and also to be able to filter by document type column which we are using in document library.  I need to setup as per below example from council website. 



Hi Matti,
I have managed to get the search working but need assistance with color coding and formatting in search results webpart? do you know how i can achieve it?

@Amit_Patel If you want custom formatting for search results, you need to use the Custom layout for your search results web part & then define the custom HTML template.


The 'custom' layout is the minimal layout to start with if you want to create your own customized UI from scratch. You can also start from an existing layout.


You can find more information at: Search Results - Layouts 

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