Need advice how to store orders

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I would like to store orders in SharePoint. I was thinking about Page =archives where all orders will be placed.

The order consist of few documents:

1. an email to a factory (my order to my factory)

2. official order from customer

3. my offer to customer

4. technical drawings

5. sometimes more like photos, some extra notes.


How to tidy it up to have all this documents in one place?

I have about 500 orders in a year. 1 order = 1 folder?


I would appriciate help because I am new in office 365 and I am thinking how to have electronic document workflow in my company

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@janek_h508 Hello,

If your goal is to archive the orders, then I would agree with using a SharePoint site (probably a Team site). You can store up to 25 TB data in each SharePoint site, and by using folders you could create a clearer structure. Then you could improve the data management by adding metadata fields, creating automated tasks (Power Automate) etc.

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand