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In October 2021 I read in an article that team sites would be able to change the navigation configuration to horizontal, as well as the mega menu.

In the article it indicated that it would be released from November.

Does anyone already have this option available on their team sites?

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I am very much interested in this as well. The communication template just looks better. When you spin up a Team or a Yammer you are unfortunately locked into that team template. MS just needs to do away with different templates and give us a universal one that is flexible.

@robcaretta @webdevptg Standard release (general availability) of this feature is extended. Latest update from Microsoft: This feature will be GA in this month (Jan 2022).


I can see this feature update on my targeted release SharePoint tenant: 


If you want to get & try such feature updates earlier, you might want to set targeted release for yourself: Set up the Standard or Targeted release options 

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I can see the horizontal and the vertical but now my Menu Style choice disappeared on the Team sites. anyone have an idea about that?