Navigation inheritance not working for communication site to subsites

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Im having some issues with navigation inheritance.

I have created a Communication site and created a site navigation as mega menu:



When i created a subsite i get the correct theme and color:




But the navigation is not correct.

I tried to click "use links from parent" in the top navigation but still the same issue.

Anyone who knows what i can try next?

//Michael H


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I would recommend to avoid subistes creation under modern sites. Instead go to Hub Sites + Sites joined to the hub
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@Michael Henriksson Microsoft recommends using flat site structure in SharePoint online instead of sub sites.

You can have same theme and navigation for multiple sites using hub site and associated sites concepts.


Check below Microsoft official documentations for detailed information about this: 

  1. SharePoint information architecture - Guiding principle: the world is flat 
  2. Planning your SharePoint hub sites  

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I ended up using some separate sites and connected these to the hub.
Still a bit confusing why the option to inherit the navigation is there but not working.