Navigation for Hub site not showing up for External Users

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I just created an intranet Hub site for our employees.  Users inside the company and our sister company (as guest users with read only access) have access to view the site.

Hub navigation works fine for employees but it disappears for our sister company users (guests).  They have proper access and can view the page but not the hub navigation.  One interesting point is the hub navigation shows up when I shrink the browser window but disappears on full window (max).


no nav.PNG

With Nav (window shrunk)

with nav.PNG

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Hello @leftarmer


i have a similar scenario, but not sure is it the same in your case.


I have guests in my tenant, they see the global navigation, but not the SharePoint App Bar. I gave access to the root site for this guest users, then it works fine. Pls try it.


Best, Dave 

@David Mehr thx for the reply.  What is considered "root site"?

Hi @leftarmer 


i my mean the site https://<TENANT> .


Best, Dave

Thanks. I did give access but with "Visitor" access, I still cannot see the navigation. It seems more like screen resolution issue than an access issue. As a visitor, I can see the Nav if I shrink my browser window, but not when the window is in Max mode.
Very strange