Mystery of the missing file

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One of our suppliers upload scanned files for our organisation to SharePoint. 

One of the files has been uploaded  yesterday and was visible on the SharePoint site yesterday. 


It has mysteriously disappeared!


I have checked the audit log, see 1.png attached and it is logged as uploaded, no move or delete events. 

When i click on the Object Id link, see 2.png, I get 404 NOT Found


Any ideas?


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Is is possible the file is there, but was never checked in - so it would not be seen by any user other than the one who uploaded it?

Check this by looking in the settings for the Document library:






@Rob Ellis  The file was seen by others after it was uploaded 

hmm - hidden or filtered out by a view configured, perhaps?

Is only a single file affected?

@Rob Ellis No, the view is All Documents in the folder. 

The same has happened another file a couple of weeks ago, we just ignored it, but has happened again.

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I'm out of ideas then. I recommend raising a ticket with MS.

@Rob Ellis  Ok thanks I'll do that.

What is the best way to raise a ticket?

via - look for Support on the left side menu.

@Rob Ellis Thanks,