MY Sharepoint documents view is different to onedrive explorer view

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Recently a fellow employee showed myself his view of our document folder in sharepoint, there was one folder in a different spot to mine (im admin) and he shared with me that out of place folder.


For example


My view was

\\Documents\1. Work\1. People\

and his view is

\\Documents\1. Work\
\\Documents\1. People\


once he shared with me that folder my files in \1. People was moved to the same as his and the origional folder was empty.


The shared folder contains files etc that he needs and it needs to be in this location

\\Documents\1. Work\1. People\


But since i moved it i now have double ups of folders ie.

\\Documents\1. Work\1. People\

\\Documents\1. Work\1. People1\


With the folder

\\Documents\1. Work\1. People1\ having the folder and files in it.


In my onedrive in explorer however it is as it should be
\\Documents\1. Work\1. People\


I cannot manually move all these in sharepoint as its a slow and painful process


How to i revert it so in sharepoint so the folder structure is correct like it is in Onedrive in my explorer?


Any why has this happened and how can i stop it from happening in the future?









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As far as I could understand, SharePoint document folder is different for you and a fellow employee.

This can happen if the folder structure or permissions have been changed by one of the users.

It is also possible that the folder was moved or renamed, causing it to appear in a different location for one of the users.


One way to revert the folder structure in SharePoint to match the structure in OneDrive is to manually move the folders and files to their correct locations using the SharePoint web interface. This can be a slow and tedious process, but it will ensure that the folder structure is correct.


To prevent this issue from happening in the future, it is important to ensure that all users have the correct permissions and are aware of any changes to the folder structure.

It might also be helpful to establish some guidelines for organizing and managing files and folders in SharePoint to avoid confusion and conflicts.


I hope this helps!