My flow is constantly running, it won't stop even there's no update?

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So, I've created this flow below, it works, however, the issue is the flow is constantly running, like every 40sec to a minute, even when no files has been created or modified in the entire library, and the file is closed.

So, the file version number quickly jumped from 17 to 139.5.


How can I fix this?





Trigger: Whenever a file is created or updated

(I can't pinpoint to a file or a folder, somehow the desired folder is not showing up, so I can only select the whole library)


Condition: The file name is equal to Hours (Hours.xlsx)

(This is the file that we want to monitor the update)


Condition If Yes:

- Update a row: update the SharePoint version number of Hours.xlsx to a table in the excel file Hours.xlsl

- Terminate (end of the flow)


Condition If No:
- Terminate (end of flow)



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