Multiple owners permission - one overriding

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we have a company Sharepoint Site and there are a couple of people with Owner permission. The problem is that it is impossible to hide any files for such a person. Is it possible to assign some kind of higher permission for one person (for example Director)? Then he should be able to for example break the inheritance and remove other owners from particular folder. Removal of Owner permissions for these people is not a solution because at the same time they should be able to manage another accesses and permissions. 

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Hey @ocin33 


you can use a site collection administrator, it's an admin for the site, he can change the site settings.


More information:


With site collection administrator you have access to all the folders/files in the library, owners not...


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Thank you for the answer.
Would you be so kind and give me some more details on this solution? How excatly the site admin will be able to remove owners from particular folders? Similarly to "typical" permissions admin will break inheritance and remove owners from folder or it works different way?

I ask about more technical details because I will not be this admin but I have to explain the process to my boss :\