Multiple lines of text list column show more/less option not working

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Today we noticed that the 'show more' / 'show less' links within a list item are no longer working. This is on columns formatted for Multiple Lines of Text. Previously when user opens a list item and viewed the list form it used to truncate the content within the Multiple Lines of Text field - it only showed a few lines and the user had to click 'show more' to see all of the content in the Multiple Lines of Text field... now it appears to be showing EVERYTHING in the Multiple Lines of Text field. User is forced to scroll past all the text to see the other fields/content in the list form. There is still a 'show more' link at the bottom of the field's text, but it's pointless because SP is already showing everything. If I click 'show more', the link text turns into 'show less' with no change to the amount of content displayed. Click again, it turns back into 'show more' and still it displays all of the content in the Multiple Lines of Text field. We haven't updated any list settings and this is happening on all of our sites. Last week when I used the same lists this wasn't happening, at that time the 'show more' and 'show less' actually worked to truncate/untruncate the visible content.




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Same here, very annoying! We noticed it already at the beginning of last week. 

Thank you for commenting @Petra Van Horen. I didn't know if it was just me... sounds like a Microsoft bug. Anyone on this forum know if Microsoft is working on this? I don't know if just posting a thread on this site is sufficient to ensure they are aware of the issue. ...also not sure if this is an intentional change in functionality or if it's really a bug - is Microsoft planning to address this or is this just the way Multiple Lines of Text is going to work now?

Note - this is also affecting views using the Multiple Lines of Text field. Views showing this as a column are now unusable. We include lots of info in the Multiple Lines of Text fields, it's not practical to have to scroll past so many lines of info just to see the next item in the list. I've had to manually remove this column from all views using it so the team can continue to use these lists in SharePoint. This is affecting daily tasks and slowing down our business.

FYI - I figured out how to open a ticket with Microsoft thru the 365 Admin center. I've reported this issue. They've not responded yet.

FYI - MS just called me to discuss the issue. They tech guy who called said they were not aware of this issue. He suggested it might just be a problem with my tenant. He wanted me to spend 30 min with him running logs on my computer. I told him other folks on the MS tech community have also reported the same issue & advised it sounded like a global issue. I asked him if he could just log into his own site collection to get the logs instead of making me do it for him. He said he'd look into it more on his end first and call me back if he needs me to run the logs. If any of you are also experiencing this issue, I recommend you also open tickets with MS so they can see that this is impacting you as well. They don't seem to be aware that it's affecting more than just my tenant.



I was able to speak with Microsoft and they've told me that this is the "new" behavior since there has been a lot of requests that came from the customer before to show all the contents of the column by default. And provided no workaround as the only possible workaround is already out of their scope since it's customizing already(SP designer or something else.)


It's really frustrating as there has been no update and they could just have created/added an option for us to choose if we want to truncate/show all the contents of the column by default. 


I've submitted a suggestion already, hoping their product team can make this happen in the future.

Thanks for the info @RaizelX, I still have my ticket open with MS and am waiting to hear back from them myself. I don't understand why they would choose to leave the 'show more' link if the intended functionality is to always show everything. If this is truly the intended functionality, why include a 'show more' link by default that does absolutely nothing? This is, of course, a rhetorical question... I have to assume this is an oversight on their part. I echo your sentiment that it's very frustrating to have them implement this with no forewarning. This is causing a major disruption to how we use the lists and slowing down our business processes.

@RaizelX I have also submitted a similar suggestion for them to at least fix the broken 'show more' / 'show less' link. If they're going to default it now to show everything by default, they should at least fix these links so that they actually work rather than keep the broken links on the screen to confuse users.

UPDATE: I spoke with Microsoft's tech support today after they spent a week researching this issue. They told me that they are not aware of a global issue and can't recreate this on their end. They did a remote session with me so they could see the issue and collect logs to further their research. I suggest strongly that if you are also having this same issue to open a ticket with microsoft. They still don't appear to believe this is affecting more than just me. 

@Kateraid I'm also trying the new 'report issue' in the service health section of Admin - there's a new tab next to 'History'. Since it just showed up for our tenant...

@Petra Van Horen 


Interesting. Please share the conclusion with us. Thank you!

We are currently investigating this behavior

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We have identified the issue and it should be fixed soon. Thanks for all the feedback

@Bruno Aleixo Thank you for the update!! I'll keep an eye on my lists and am excited to see the update when you push it out!!

@Bruno Aleixo 

Problem solved! Thank you Microsoft!


Update: it worked for a few minutes, but now is no longer works. I suppose Microsoft is still working on it.


@Petra Van Horen @Bruno Aleixo 


Do we need to do anything on our end or are we just waiting for an update from Microsoft? Thank you!

@Petra Van Horen  @Bruno Aleixo 


Thanks for the update, Petra. I do not see it fixed yet on my sites either. Fingers crossed that it will be done soon!

We are seeing this on our sites also. @Kateraid