Multiple lines of text list column show more/less option not working


Today we noticed that the 'show more' / 'show less' links within a list item are no longer working. This is on columns formatted for Multiple Lines of Text. Previously when user opens a list item and viewed the list form it used to truncate the content within the Multiple Lines of Text field - it only showed a few lines and the user had to click 'show more' to see all of the content in the Multiple Lines of Text field... now it appears to be showing EVERYTHING in the Multiple Lines of Text field. User is forced to scroll past all the text to see the other fields/content in the list form. There is still a 'show more' link at the bottom of the field's text, but it's pointless because SP is already showing everything. If I click 'show more', the link text turns into 'show less' with no change to the amount of content displayed. Click again, it turns back into 'show more' and still it displays all of the content in the Multiple Lines of Text field. We haven't updated any list settings and this is happening on all of our sites. Last week when I used the same lists this wasn't happening, at that time the 'show more' and 'show less' actually worked to truncate/untruncate the visible content.




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@Bruno Aleixo do you have any update or an ETA for implementing the fix?

each fix that is made needs to go thru a exhaustive process to make sure we do not have any regressions. 

As soon as this reaches 100% production i will circle back on this thread.

the fix has reached production. 

@Bruno Aleixo thanks for the update! I do not see a change in my sites yet. What do I need to do to view the new prod changes? 

@Bruno Aleixo I can see the fix!! Thank you it looks great and is working as expected now. 


All - To see the fix now I updated my 365 Admin settings so that I will see the first release of code fixes (under Release Preferences). After I made this update to the admin center I saw the fix on my sites 2 hours later. 

@Kateraid I got this same problem today again. Anyone else or is it just me?

does it happen only when you click "edit" or "edit all" or it also happens on the right pane ?

@Bruno Aleixo Just FYI - I double checked my sited just now and the See More/See Less links are working properly for me at this time.