Multiple default views not working

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Using Sharepoint online I am trying to setup several different defaults views - fx. one for Top-level document library and another for files in folders.


I am applying both Top-level view, folder view and using content-type.

However, it seems like I cannot get both Folder and Top-level view to work - the system automatically applies same view to both. Any idea if that is no longer supported or why?


I was using this guide as input for Folder and Top-level views:


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We have same issue. Everything works fine in Classic experience. Changing to Modern will not switch views from top level to inside a folder view and back. In Library settings both views showing as default view.

@Villads Chester 

yes we have exact the same issue.
Do you know, if there will be an update soon?

Unfortunately not, @lotz-hellerau 

@Villads Chester 


I have followed a similar guide to configure Content types and views for different folder levels, but nothing works as expected.

Any updates on this issuse?


Thanks in advance


No unfortunately I did not find some news about it. This is really really bad.
Does anybody has an idea why microsoft do not care about that issue?
Maybe there are some other workarounds to do these things?
I'm afraid that dokument set content type does not work in SharePoint Lists, because there the view is switching. 

For now I helped me by formatting the name column of the relevant list. Now when users klick the name column the view is changing to the view I specified. But this is not very handy!
We really need some update :)

Same here. Same issue. Why they would remove this issue is beyond me. There are a lot of uses for it. Can't see what it harms.
I am also experiencing the same issue. The defaults work correctly in the classic experience, but not in modern. Defaults set for Document Sets do work correctly, but not for any other content type.

I see that the last comment on this was a couple of months ago but I'd just like to chime in that we're experiencing the same behavior.  We've got a library with a top level view of All Documents and then within the top level folder there are sub-folders that are assigned to different default views. 

I used the example outlined in this link -

As others have pointed out, this works well in Classic View, the issue is that we are using Modern View.

I hope find a solution by continuing to search, but for now the issue persists.


The same for me, stil no solution for Modern Site 

End of Jun 2020 - still an issue for modern experience
Same issue here. Did not find a solution yet either.

We're having the same issue. It's incredibly annoying because we would like to use different views depending on where you are in the library but this is not possible. The only solution I've found is to make new document libraries but that has the problem with not being able to redirect Teams channels file locations to these new document libraries. It's really idiotic that MS does not fix this. It worked before, why does it not work now...

@Villads Chester I have exactly the same problem. In my case I have a single top level view for my Document Set Folder and want to have multiple views inside the folder when looking at the files. Using the Document Set Web Part it does show that I have the views available to select however when selecting the folder it opens up the folder and displays the contents (files) of the folder in the same view as the folder. It doesn't change the view from the folder view to the view I have listed as the default view for files and yet it still displays the files. I am stuck. So for now I am just going to stay with the Web Part Document Set Content and forget about the views for now. Kinda sucks really.

It's 2021 and this issue is still live. It seems Microsoft doesn't care much about these crucial feature requests.



Now halfway through the year and I have just discovered that this still straight up DOES NOT WORK! All the settings are there, just like before, but they are all ignored and the views cannot be set. Is this what is meant by "modern"? This is after also just finding out that document set metadata does not update when documents are moved from one document set to another... huh? So if the metadata does not cascade/update when moved, what is the point? Why is this any better than just setting default values that have to be changed manually? At least users understand how to update the item manually, telling them to update a document set's properties so it pushes down to their documents when they move them is a complete non-starter and is never going to happen.


SharePoint is an absolute abomination and I hate every minute I spend working with it. All I read about is the next great Teams feature or something related to AI or augmented reality when they have not delivered the most very basic features that would make the platform usable. Document templates are so jacked up they are unusable (template based documents still asking for save location, even when invoked from library for example), document set functionality knee-capped, simple default view settings that don't work. What a complete mess.

I had a similar issue and was able to fix it.  The key is that the "default view" can be adjusted as part of web part properties rather than in the library settings.


Say you have a document library and you want a different default view to show in different places.  Well, you can only set one default view.  However, if you edit the document library web part you will see a toggled button to "show command bar".  Select it.  You will then see an option to specify both the library and view that the web part displays.  


I haven't checked how this is handled as a WebPart.Property, I've only done this through the GUI so far.



I'm talking about an Office 365 Group site online.

Still broken. In our case, we want the View to only show in the Views drop-down if the user is already inside a Document Set of a specific type:



The settings are 'correct', but the View is still not filtered out of the View selector:



Perhaps it would get fixed if someone from the SharePoint Team knew about this porblem (e.g. @Vesa Juvonen)...

This is still an issue 3 and a half years later.

The List Experience description states: "The new experience is faster, has more features, and works better across different devices." This is a lie. From what I've experienced so far, you have to change to classic to do most things and there are far less features in the modern experience. The modern experience does offer filtering, which would be extremely useful if only it worked with multiple views, which is more useful.