Multiple choice list/library column not accepting multiple choices

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Do not know if those who develop SP follow these forums, but this post should be considered a bug report


Users indicated they were unable to set for a few items the multiple choices in a doc lib choice column with multiple selections enable. Other items did not have this problem.


A search for others encountering this issue appeared to indicate that the documents of these items had "custom XML" in them that was interfering with this setting. I did not make the connection with our situation, but another helpdesk person said he experimented for a while and found that it was the Office doc (Word, Excel, etc) Document Properties internal metadata feature that was preventing SP from setting the multiple values in the doc lib column. It was after clearing the Document Properties and Personal Info (File->Info->Check for Issues->select Document Properties & Personal Info->Remove All) that the SP column accepted multiple selections.


This is a workaround clearly.


I understand that SP list/lib metadata is integrated with value settings of Document Properties with Office documents, but this is unexpected (i.e., buggy) behavior shown to the user. A fix should be requested.

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@Steve_Penner Not sure whether this addresses the same context -/ issue.


I created a Sharepoint Document library

I added new columns - one of them being of Type Choice - Multiple allowed.

I created a word doc in this document library

Downloaded document

Enabled display of Sharepoint Library Properties in Development Tools tab

Now - in the top area the columns are displayed.



PREVIOUSLY whenever I did click on one of the checkboxes I did get an error (Element may not be added {how I like the translated error messages without ID's})


I did the following:


In Sharepoint, BEFORE downloading, I did check MORE THAN ONE option - for every multiple choice column.


Then, after downloading, I was able to select as I wish.