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is it possible to translate Hub Menu?




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Not Today, but I know it's coming
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@Maciej Kukułka I'm sorry to disagree with my friend Juan Carlos, but yes it is possible.  It only looks like it doesn't work because SharePoint caches the menu in the original language for a long time, but it does work.


Go to the Hub site while your user display language is the other language that you wish to support, assuming that is one of the hub site alternate languages.  Edit the menu in the normal way.  Change the English text to text in the other language.  It will only affect the language that you are currently in.  Do not change the URL, that will affect the original. Then save.

You will see the menu in the new language, while people whose account is set for the original language and who are on other browsers will see it in the original language.  This will work for all sites that belong to the hub as long as the alternate language is set for those sites too.  It will work for people whose language is set to the alternate language as soon as their cached hub menu expires and is replaced with the translated one.

Nice one, I obviously meant the ability to edit the menu and define the translation as you can do Today with modern pages ;-). This is what I meant when I said "It's coming" ^-^