Muli-level filter panel on document library not working

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One quick question, I have used managed metadata on my doc liab with multiple levels of term-sets, however my filter panel is flat and not multilevel as it suggests.


I want the ability to filter on parents & children


Any ideas? The list is set to new


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J'ai eu le même souci en voulant faire un affichage à plusieurs niveau (affichage hiérarchique selon l'arborescence des métadonnées gérées) sur le volets de filtres, mais cela ne marche pas.

Aviez-vous résolu le problème depuis, si c'est le cas pourriez-vous svp partager la solution?

Merci par avance

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@SP-userUnfortunately not, I found out that Microsoft has deprecated this view. It is now only available to see as a tree when you press see more & the menu expands.

Thank you for your reply. Do you have a screen shot of the way it expands with a tree view when you press see more, because my filter pane didn't provide me that possibility
That means that the documentation available now for that purpose (filter pane metadata navigation) is not updated yet ?

@SP-user I don't have a screenshot, unfortunately. The show more option only becomes visible if you have more than 6 or so in the current view selected. Below is the response from MS when I raised this to them.


Please be aware that after the modernization of the SharePoint Managed Metadata Services (MMS) update that was released with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID57315, the default behavior of a managed metadata filter does not show in the tree view anymore, it shows in the list view. However, to see the tree view, you would click on the see all option and change the view to tree view.