MS Teams teams URL for SharePoint Team sites

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Hey there, 
I've been wondering for a few weeks now where should my team sites should be created when created in MS Teams.
Indeed, SharePoint allows you to create teams created from MS Teams under  /sites  or /teams
I have currently chosen /teams but it appears that I cannot see team sites created since then in the SPO Admin center.

I cannot find recommendations about this online. What is the common setup for those?
What are the implications of choosing one compare to the other?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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There is not a recommendation can choose any of them and if the sites under Teams are not being displayed it's quite probable there is a bug there

@Juan Carlos González Martín it was indeed a bug, cause the site is now displayed correctly in the management console while not shown a few days ago. It usually takes only a couple of minutes for the site collections to be displayed but here it took a couple of days.
So you think it does not really matter where you put them? No implication with AD and roles, etc...