MS Project Master/SubProjects in SharePoint

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SharePoint working with MS-Project Master/Sub-Projects

I use the MS-Project Master/Sub-Project functionality within a Windows directory environment. It works great.  I can update any of the projects that utilize the sub-projects, and the updates propagate to all of the other projects, as intended. 

I can't get them to work in SharePoint (2016) though. Initially, I was getting errors trying to update the master due to check-out-check-in restrictions. SharePoint was returning an error stating that the sub-projects were in read-only mode.

I then put placed the projects in a separate folder and removed the check-out/check-in requirement. The errors went away. I made my updates in the master and successfully saved.... only the updates are not being applied. When I re-open the project, my updates are not there. Any ideas how to make this work? 

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Hi Beth,
Did you find a solution to your problem?
I'm having a problem when trying to import subprojects from SharePoint (each project is stored in a different folder in SharePoint) to the Ms Project. It returns an error saying the projects "couldn't be found" or "for projects stored on the web save the master and subprojects separately".
How could you add subprojects from SharePoint into the Ms Project?