MS Lists + October 2nd 2021 = "An extra day in the Year"


I'd be very interested in knowing if others are seeing this effect in Calendar Views associated with MS Lists created from a [New List] and Creating a New View > Calendar View.

Everything looks great until you scroll through to October 2nd, 2021 - and the date is repeated - throwing the rest of calendar eternity out by one day!   Screen shot attached - notice the anomaly.

AU tenant, Regional Settings set to +10 Hobart

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Update:  It only affects October 2021.  When you move to November it corrects itself.

Hi @Chris_Laycock ,


I noticed the same issue - presenting the list as a calendar shows October 2nd twice and month ends at October 30. 


Hopefully MS will patch but since it is slightly obscure and not a continuous issue... maybe not...

Thanks for the response, I was starting to think it may have been associated with a config in our tenant. Notice you are in Vic, AU - I wonder if it is a Locale or TimeZone issue? I might try changing mine.
Will be interested to know if that works out for you...

@Chris_Laycock I've attached a screenshot - eerily familiar... So anyway, I decided to check some other months... September (I have added screenshot to this message) has 1,2,3,2,5. This is less of an issue since it doesn't offset the days of the month since only the 4th has been called the 2nd if you get my drift....

Curious to know if yours is the same?

@Oztourist - I can confirm September breaks as per your screen shot; however, only after visiting October !!!!
1. Open List - it opens in April...

2. Advance to September - Dates are all OK

3. Open October - Dates are incorrect - there are 2 Oct 2nds.

4. Return to September - Dates are now incorrect - 1,2,3,2,5


Found two more - do you have the same issue?

Yes, I have experimented with the TimeZone and the Locale for the Teams/SharePoint Site that the List belongs to:
If TimeZone = pacific (-7:00) and Locale = English (United States) = calendar Display is CORRECT
if TimeZone = Hobart (+10:00) and Locale = English (United States) =calendar Display is BROKEN
if TimeZone = Hobart (+10:00) and Locale = English (Australia) =calendar Display is BROKEN
Thanks Chris. One of those times I wish I was American :)
@Oztourist - this seems to have corrected itself in our Tenant. Is this the case in yours?
All good!
Thanks for that, hadn't noticed!