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I have a project I am working on that involves Microsoft Forms & Sharepoint.


I created a form where users can request access for different portals. When they select the portals, it's either yes or no option. 


In Sharepoint, I want column A to show the results of the portals they need access to. I changed column A to a choice column, and already listed out the portals that could be requested.


For example: (We will use Word, Outlook, Powerpoint)

John said Yes to needing access to Word & Powerpoint. In Column A of my sheet, I want to say Word & Powerpoint.


I'm hoping that made sense and there is an easy fix to it *fingers crossed*



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@MeganAcuzar the easiest way to do it is with a calculated column but it would give you the results without the "&". This is also quite straightforward to do with a flow in Power Automate if you don't need the "&". The result would be Word PowerPoint or SharePoint Word PowerPoint. If you really do need that "&" then the flow becomes more complex because you have to make sure there is no "&" before the first portal selected Yes. Let me know whether you need it or not and I'll give you the solution.


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No need for the "&" symbol :) 


We have a lot of different portals so you have to scroll right for a while to see the options that the user is requesting. We just want a condensed column where we can see which portal they are requesting without having to scroll. Ultimately this will be updated in another user list that keeps track of which user has access to which portal (that's another issue i'm trying to figure out).


Your help would greatly be appreciated!