Moving On-Prem File Share to SharePoint and setting default save locations

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Hello. Hoping someone can offer some guidance / best practices for an internal project. We have a small on prem file server with a few file shares setup. We'd like to migrate the data from on prem to SharePoint. We are not Azure AD joined. I've tested the SharePoint Migration tool successfully. The issue I'm having is setting Office apps to save to the SharePoint library by default. I'm trying to make the transition as seamless for the users as possible. I created a PowerShell script that prompts a user to login to SharePoint via IE, then adds SharePoint to trusted locations. Next it maps to the user's SharePoint site and pins their SharePoint documents to Quick Access. It also disables OneDrive as the preferred location and sets the default save path to the mapped SharePoint drive. However, when I try to save I get an error that "You can't save here". Other times the error is "the file wasn't uploaded because the specified path wasn't found on the server or permission was denied". I can access the SharePoint location using File Explorer by clicking on the mapped drive and/or the quick access pin the script created.


Any suggestions on how to fix the error or a better method to migrate the shares to the cloud? We need SharePoint for collaboration and auditing. That's why we chose SharePoint over OD4B. Thanks!

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