Moving files between sites (PowerShell & JavaScript)


I need to move a file between two sites, the soruce is a sub site of ther target site. The example documentation for Move-PnPFile  seem to support moving between site collections and should there for work when moving between sites?



Source =

Target =


When i try this i first use Connect-PnPOnline and uses to url to the siter were the documet is located (soruces site).


When i use a relative target url i get the following errror.

"Parameter name: Specified value is not supported for the serverRelativeUrl parameter."


When i use a absolute target url i get

"URL is not for this web"


If i move the document within the same site it works flawlessly, am i missing something? Or is moving files between sites not supported.


I know that the server side object model SPFile.MoveTo only supports moving files withing the same site.


I am aware that PnP-JS-Core also have a moveTo implementation but my understanding is that the .NET c#, PowerShell and JavaScript version of PnP calles the same endpoint and i should therefor expect the same result?


If MoveTo does not support moving between sites, what is the recommended solution for doing this programmatically, we have a case were this is needed for both front-end and back-end stuff.

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