Moving File to another site, and i'm losing some Metadata

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We are trying to move sharepoint files with added metadata, to another site in our tenant.
I have made the same column as in the old site, and when i'm moving/copying file to the new site,
then i am losing some metadata from the files. The column, have the same name and properties.
But for 1 column i'm getting the metadata, and for the other not.

Is there a way to fix this ?

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I have seen this problem reported more times and the behavior you are having is not the expected one when you are moving files...metadata and versions should be moved too

@Malossi I am facing the same issue where all but one of my file metadata fields are transferring over without issue. Is there any update to this issue? The field that I am having trouble with is an Indexed non-required Choice field. I have other Indexed Required Choice fields working fine and non-Indexed non-Required Text fields working fine. I'm uncertain where the gap is.