Moving file share to Office 365

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Very long...looking for strategy and IA suggestions.


We are starting the process of archiving our old file share (over 100k files and folders) and moving forward with files being shared in office 365. We are kind of like an umbrella company managing 7 or 8 different companies.


We have documents that have the same overlapping dept such as marketing, hr, finance, etc.. but are unique to a specific company. 


I'm trying to figure out best practice for document management across sites/companies.

We are moving in to Teams as our collaboration tool as well. So the thought is create a hub site for our intranet and a team for each company. When the team is created we end up with a SP team site, which I will associate with the hub site. 


We would use the Files tab in each companies team and the associate General folder in Document library as the storage location for that societies documents. Within that General folder I would create a folder for each department to store their documents. I would like to use metadata tagging at this point for search, views, etc.. Would be great if adding a file in that folder could auto tag the document with society and dept, is this possible?


There could also be sub terms for each society and/or dept such as Society > Finance > Invoice. Is a content type hub the best strategy? So far, playing around with it seems clunky and a bit buggy. 


Would i be better off adding content types to each individual site collections even though the society and dept tags would always be the same columns based on term set? 


It doesn't look like I can require metadata tagging if a file is uploaded from within the teams app, appears it's only possible to require if uploaded in SP teams site.


Should we ditch the "use the Files tab" in teams strategy and just train people to use the hub site with multiple document libraries as the document repository? If so, what good are the team sites? 


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