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I have been doing a bit of testing with the migrating from Google Drive (Personal) to OneDrive for Business. 

The content is copied fine, but all sharing permissions that was set on the source document and folders are not copied. 

The question is, can actually perform this kind of migration and if so, where do I find the option to enable this?

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Ran into this issue. Were you able to migrate successfully, including the sharing permissions?
Hi njader,

Nope that is just the way it works I suppose.
We ended up using a different tool that had that capability.

It turns out that mover can actually copy sharing permissions, but only on a root level. So that means if you have a folder on your source and several documents in said folder where sharing is set on item-level, then those permissions will NOT be copied to the destination.

What will happen is that whatever permissions was set on the folder-level on your source will be inherited to all item in that folder once it lands on the destination, which is not ideal to say the least, but that is how it is.

Or I should say was, since it was a long time ago I tried this, so MS may have changed it since, but I doubt it.

Anyway we ended up using Bittitans Migrationwiz instead. It does not come cheap but it gets the job done.

Good luck!