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The move to button is not available after searching in a document library.

Move to is available and works well from elsewhere but as soon as we search for something and load the results page, the move to button is no longer available.

Is this normal?

Is there a way to get the move to button on the search results page? 



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'Search this library' search bar being used


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@Toby2001  Move to option should show why not showing to you, but there is one suggestion if that works for you, Always use copy to as it will create a new copy and once you confirm it is in new location then delete it from the old location though one thing needs to be kept in mind that is meta data for the files to be move.

@PDostiyar Thanks for your suggestion. However, the 'copy to' option is also not there after I have searched in the library. It is the same as the move to option. Before I have searched, it is there and works OK but as soon as I search, it is no longer available. 


@Toby2001  yes this is by design when you search a document library or the whole Sharepoint by design you will not find those move to or copy to option.


so the only option is to explore into the same location of the library select and either move to or copy to...

@PDostiyar By design? It seems a rather odd design choice.

In my case, we have a library with thousands of documents. Browsing to find the document(s) that needs to be moved is inefficient. I am surprised that this is not a more common issue for people as sprawling document libraries are certainly not unique. 

Using search and move to together is something that I believe should be possible and provided. 

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@Toby2001  I am Sure there will be Uservoice for it, if not that would be a good one to create... as Microsoft always listen to their users...