Move To feature moving files then leaving them in original folder

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This is chaos.  I am moving 1 folder (which has a few subfolders and files under 500mb) from 1 subsite to another.  It takes a minute then says done.  However, some folders and files still remain in the source site.  I check the destination site and it's there too.


I then open each subfolder and find it's leaving a file or 2 in the source, even though it's already moved it to the destination site so now I have to delete from the source, after first verifying that it did in fact move. 


I need to do this for many more and some are much, much larger.  Why can it not handle such a simple, small move and keep its data integrity??  It's like it's doing a copy only for some files.  

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Hi@Mercedes Green 

Thank you for you question and for sharing with us.

 I would like to understand.

Is there any data corruption in the folders when copy action completed? Or they look like copied but when you checked the folder they are not copied completely? 

If that is correct what is the reason behind that do you connect any Share Point supporter?


I would like to also advise that if you will move a folder from one location to another or

If you are moving you data from one folder to another folder, 

  • First, you can back up your data. It is nice to have a backup for your all folders
  • You can make a Folder List and
  • just follow your list. copy-paste your folders by one by.
  • And check the folder copied completely or not. And if you are sure and then delete data from the previous older.

I would like to share this maybe it will help some other users. This is just a basic example.

Thank you

Kind regards