Move Team Classic Root Site to Modern

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Started working at a new company as their SharePoint admin. They are using SPO and it looks like they are still using the original Team site (classic experience) for the root. I'm guessing they made a new home page for the site collection as it using the modern interface.

This site is also registered as a hub and it also has HUNDREDS of subsites. I'd like to convert the root site into a modern site, but this might be an impossible task. Just want to confirm that I would have to:

  • Create a new team site (no group) or communications site and replace the root
  • All subsites would be archived and basically lost. I'd have to make new team sites for each subsite, and then manually move libraries or completely recreate pages.

I don't know of a huge benefit of moving. They don't seem to care too much about privacy. I would like to use audience targeting on the hub, but I don't know of any other huge losses that the site is classic but using modern pages.

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To my knowledge the subsites are not going to be lost....when you replace the root site by another site you are keeping the site under a new url

@Juan Carlos González Martín Awesome thanks. So we would have OriginalRootSiteArchive and all original subsites would just remain under it, correct? There's no way to convert the OriginalRootSite from a Teams Classic to a Modern without starting from scratch...right?