Move SharePoint between environments with Power Apps

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I'm working on a system which has Power Apps attached to some Power Automate and some Canvas Apps.


Is there an easy way move any SharePoint changes between servers at the same time as the Power Automate and Canvas Apps?



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something you may try:


For SP and Power Platform settings/configuration (Tenant level) you can use the M365DSC tool: Introduction - Microsoft365DSC - Your Cloud Configuration

Note: the tool takes care only about settings not content


For PowerApps/Automate you can export them as packages and import them again in a different tenant (manual process)Export and import your apps across environments with packaging | Microsoft Power Apps 


You can use PowerShell to interact with Power Apps but I found the list of available cmdlets a bit limited and I was not able to find any Export App cmdlet: PowerShell support - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs