Move OneNote to a new SharePoint group/Team

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We are reorganising the Teams structure, makin new Teams. And that includes moving files. Which is easy enough, until we try to move OneNote from an old Team/Sharepoint Group to a new one. 


I have read articles amd watched videoes, but they all seem old. What is the easiest way to move or copy an OneNote book from one Team/SharePoint group to a new Teams/SharePoint Group?


Using Office 365 Business with SharePoint Online/Teams. 


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- Geir


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Hello @Geir Hogstad 


when i do this, i use this two options:


1. Move or copy content

When you use an existing notebook, you can copy/move OneNote sections and/or pages direkt in OneNote.

Steps: Right-click on section or page > move or copy..


2. Change location of a notebook

In OneNote Desktop App you can change the location of a notebook.

Steps: Right click on notebook > properties > Change Location


Have a good time.


Regards, Dave

Thank you @David Mehr 


But I think it is a bit more tricky than that? A SharePoint group has a standard OneNote book. Which you can access from the menue on the left. 


So after it is moved, copied, how do I get access to it from the menue? 


(Screen shot is in Norwegian).


Best regards

- Geir

notebok sp.png

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Hello @Geir Hogstad 


in this case i prefer to move or copy content direct from your old notebook into your new:



With this you don't change the notebook, only adding content, all links direct to the notebook will working fine after your move or copy process.


Best, Dave


Thank you. Then I try that.