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Hi -


Im looking for some options on moving folders from one library to another library on the same Site Collection.


The issue is that its on a Personal -my site where i used SPMT to migrate but the Library name was wrong it was Documents (In english) but half the users was logged on and now i got a Documents1 library (Because SPMT was refering to Documents (Which was not there because if language swap)


I have a script running with Powershell / Sharepoint PnP but - maybe someone have a better idea / option?


The Move to.. is not working on Onedrive for Business sites.. :(


Very anoying bug in SPMT that it does not refer to the URL of the library but the "display name" of the library.

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I am not sure about your environment and the document library, but here is the solution that I can recommend. if it's possible create a new Document library like "Documents2" then move everything from "Documents" and "Documents1" to "Documents2" then Delete both "Documents" and "Documents1" then create "Documents" again and move everything from "Documents2" to "Documents" and delete "Documents2"

Please let me know if you need more help.




Well yes - okay - i need the details on that - how exactly to do that..

I cant do it by browser (Or at least I don't know how) since its the One Drive for Business (Personal site) the layout is different - there is another skin on it if i could just revert to the default "Sharepoint" layout on the OneDrive for Business site.
What is the amount of data you have to move?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 100gb ish...


Not THAT much - but its something .. and its really not the amount but more the fact that im trying to solve it :) in the right way

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There are many products out there that you can use for this project but for sure don't use the browser.