Move files and keep metadata (with lookup columns)

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Platform:  SharePoint Online with subsites (classic, but with modern view)


We need to archive files that we want to move to a new library. The new library is created by using sharegate to clone settings/lists and so on from the original library so everything is identical between these two sites.


The main/original library have some columns with lookup to a list. When we move documents to the archive library, all "lookup columns" metadata are removed and therefore blank, so half of the columns are now missing data. 


Another strange thing is that "Content type" always changes on a document you move over to the archive library.   We have 20 different content types.  New files created in the archive library is working fine (setting metadata, lookup columns and so on)


Key points/problems:

- Lookup metadata is gone when moved to archive library that is identical as main library.

- Content types are changed on a moved document

- New files created on archive library is working fine with metadata and lookup colunms. 



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