Most SharePoint links do not open in Android SharePoint app

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I've been having problems with opening SharePoint links in the SharePoint Android app. So far, only the following link will open in the SharePoint app:


The site has been localized in Finnish, but I assume Kotisivu.aspx would be Homepage.aspx.


No other links will offer the SharePoint app as an option but instead only offer installed web browsers. Even if I change the URL to:


Android only offers web browsers. This leads me to believe that the SharePoint app has hardcoded info for supported URL structures.


Any ideas how to get other urls to open in the SharePoint app or should I just hope this will be fixed in a future release?


The testing was done using several Samsung phones all running Android 7.

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Do those sites get listed in the SPO Mobile App?

If you mean the "Supported links" part of the app, the URLs are:





Going by those, all SharePoint URLs should work, but only the ones I mentioned do. I tested this again with my personal phone and the results were the same.

Have you found any fix to this? I'm facing the same problem still...